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Case: A 23yo female presents with acute onset severe lower abdominal pain that woke her from sleep 5 hours prior to presentation. Pain is constant. No nausea or vomiting. No fevers. LMP 2-3 months prior.

Q1: What findings suggest pregnancy, and more specifically, what findings ensure an intrauterine pregnancy?

Q2: What do you see in these videos?

This case is courtesy of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Q1: A double decidual sign can be an early sign of pregnancy but it can be confused with a pseudo-gestational sac. An intrauterine gestational sac must have a yolk sac, fetal pole, or intrauterine fetal heart beat to truly be an intrauterine pregnancy.

A right adnexal ectopic is observed in the videos.

This website, which will provide the foundation for a basic understanding of Emergency Ultrasound (EUS), is also an enormous work-in-progress. The key to proficiency in, and eventual mastery of, Emergency Ultrasound is practice. Following every lecture, every tutorial, every case discussion, apply your skill-set in the ED. Scan every sore abdomen, every pregnancy with cramping, every shortness of breath or chest pain. Developing a sense of "normal" allows for quick identification of what is "abnormal".

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    I am an Emergency Medicine attending at an academic medical center in Charleston, SC (MUSC). I completed an ultrasound fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Anthony Dean. My career path has led me through both private practice and academic practice. I sincerely believe in the clinical utility and improved patient care offered by emergency ultrasound, whether it be in a private ED or an academic setting.
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    YES. If you subscribe (click here to subscribe), I do send emails of interesting cases with videos/images. Pretty educational. Website updates and such.
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    Absolutely. I really dislike paying for things. And I hate to think that some information meets a dead-end because you have to sign up and/or pay for it. So this site is entirely free. Free for you, free of advertising. Down side is that it is an amateur web-site at best. I can vouch for the information/content, but the rest is subject to my meager skills at website development.
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    Anyone in the health care profession with an interest in ultrasound. Of course, the majority of the content is geared towards EM residents and attendings, but I plan to create more lectures in for PAs, NPs, nurses, and paramedics.
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    I plan to create a more extensive video and image database that can be quickly searched and organized. I'd also like to offer an "upload" functionality to allow users to submit their own interesting cases. As for the "Case of the Week", I will eventually create an extensive archive to view dozens to hundreds of past cases. Always open to suggestions.



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